Bobbie Vaden: Born to Travel





By nature, I have always been a nomad, which can easily be discerned by the fact that I have lived in twelve different states in the USA. However, with three children to rear alone, it had been necessary that I contain my wanderlust, residing always within the country of my birth. In 2011, my retirement was just around the corner and I, foolishly I might add in hindsight, looked forward to growing old gracefully, surrounded by my six grandchildren. With a small retirement, I would drift happily into the twilight years with no regrets.

One year later,  I had finally  come to realize that I was not like my grandmother. As a woman of the 21th century, I was not content to sit in a rocking chair as she had and let life slip by. So, with my backpack on my shoulders and my plane ticket in my hand, I boarded Alaska Airlines for five months of voluntourism. It was difficult to give up my home and all my possessions except my personal items and clothing. However, now my life is now filled with laughter, adventure, excitement, and amazing friends! Why? I have  rediscovered the sense of freedom that I treasured as a child. Even more importantly, I have finally been true to my restless, wandering spirit.

Volunteer Tourism

After completing a five-month contract with the State of Alaska, serving as a volunteer docent in a tiny museum in Juneau, I once more took stock of my life. A spare room in my son’s home in Washington state  and another lovely room in my daughter’s home in Tennessee were especially prepared for me and would serve beautifully as “home” when I needed one.

Since beginning my traveling, I have visited fourteen countries. I accomplished this on a limited budget by using well publicized strategies available to everyone. By using travel rewards, closely monitoring my expenditures, and volunteering with organization that provide accommodations and meals in exchange for volunteer services, I have traveled to places which most people only dream of visiting.

The  goal of A Pilgrim’s Parable is to provide you with the motivation, inspiration, and knowledge to follow in my footsteps if you have the desire. Hopefully, my travel experiences will help awaken you to the delights of the beautiful places, people and stories that are awaiting you. Along the way, I will provide you with tips for inexpensive travel and introduce you to other travel blogs that will allow you to step confidently into the exciting world of the nomad, thus answering your own siren call of wanderlust.

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